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Copenhagen 2024


Mind, Meditation, and Management 2024: Sharpening Human Capabilities with Meditative Sciences
Copenhagen, Denmark
August 22 – 23, 2024


We are pleased to invite you all to the Mind, Meditation, and Management conference 22nd-23rd of August 2024; to be held at the Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark. This conference will explore the proposed link between meditative and contemplative techniques and the sense of self. Specifically, the role the self plays in enabling the transformation of both internal and external spaces. The impact of meditation on an individual’s awareness of self and his potential to transform and lead; drives the project´s curiosity in seeking a conversation around this subject.

Key dates & timeline

  • Submissions are accepted from March 1st, 2024.
  • Decisions will be communicated within three weeks from receipt of submission.
  • Final submission deadline 20th June 2024.
  • Final decision on final submissions 15th July 2024.
  • 22nd-23rd of August 2024 – Conference

For more information on the conference, see:

For the Call for Papers, see:


The goal of the mind, meditation and management conference is to frame the current state of the science in such a way as to enable academic practice within the transformation, awareness, intent of self-ecosystem, and how such inquiries feed into a general management with specific emphasis on leadership and innovation discourse.

The conference aims to explore research, practice and discourses around meditative and contemplative techniques and its proposed impact “creating opportunities for transformation of the self through both self-reflection and engagement in a diverse and dynamic learning community”, focusing on exploring the link between transformational path and the motivation to invest in the self.


The conference will explore how meditative and contemplative techniques sharpen the individual’s attention to intent and the ability to be perceptive towards understanding and sensitive to transformative opportunities. The conference proposes to shift the focus from the action of the actor, which is external to self, to studying the foundation of intent in the mind or within the self, how it affects social skills, and sense of transforming self.

The conference aims to achieve sustained exposure to contemplative techniques which it surmises; improves opportunity perception as well as attention to detail, empathy, and sensitivity beyond the horizon of rent seeking action.