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What We Do

IAMSR’s mission is to initiate, facilitate, produce and deliver academic and evidence-based knowledge on the role and place of spirituality in today’s world of work. We aim to probe deeper and wider into our know-how of managing and organising, by recourse to the wisdoms of all faiths and beliefs (including non-faiths) and by reference to organizational, managerial and related fields of knowledge and practice.

We are dedicated to working toward the development of theory and best practice, the exchange of ideas and to enable a forum for debate, through the dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge, scientifically validated.

We do that through three dedicated forums: the Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion (JMSR); the book series on Management, Spirituality & Religion; and the IAMSR biennial international conferences and workshops, held at different venues all over the world.

JMSR – now in its 19th year – is the first port of call for academics in this fast-expanding scholarly area. JMSR serves three large communities: (1) students, scholars and practitioners of spirituality in the context of work, (2) management academics and practising managers, and (3) religious studies scholars and religious leaders within their roles as managers and organizers of people, events, institutions and places of learning. Approaching 500 articles, JMSR is the largest repository of current academic research in the field. We are supported by the Sobey School of Business at St. Mary’s University, Canada which sponsors our annual best paper award; and by the Elisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation and the Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality at St. Paul University, Canada, sponsors of our annual best innovative paper award.

The book-series Management, Spirituality & Religion, launched in 2020, features authored and edited books on all aspects of managing and organizing related to faith, spirituality and of related institutions.

IAMSR biennial conferences and workshops are designed to serve as a meeting place for academics engaged in the study and teaching of workplace spirituality and related religious issues; and for practitioners—management consultants, professionals and practising managers, engaged in practice relevant to spirituality and religion at the workplace. Our first conference was held in Vienna, Austria in 2010, our second conference was in Bangalore, India in 2012, the third was held in Lourdes, France in 2013, the fourth in Barcelona, Spain in 2015, and our fifth conference took place in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2017. Our sixth conference scheduled for 2020 was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently took place in 2022 in Vienna.

Both our Barcelona and Fayetteville conferences were co-sponsored by the Management, Spirituality & Religion Special Interest Group of the Academy of Management. Our Vienna 2022 conference was sponsored by the Fetzer Institute.

We support the widest dissemination of evidence-based outputs in the interests of the growth, use and impact of academic knowledge.