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Since its first issue in 2004, the Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion (JMSR) a peer-review academic journal, has published over 400 scholarly papers – empirical and reflexive; theory development, case studies and book reviews – the largest depository of current knowledge in this fast-evolving scholarly field.

JMSR is proud to be the leading academic forum for disseminating work, for the development of theory and best practice, and for the exchange of ideas and debate in Management, Spirituality and Religion.*

We serve five large communities:

  • students and scholars of spirituality and religion pertaining to management and organizations;
  • students and scholars in religious studies and practical theology relevant to work, managing and organizing;
  • students and scholars of business ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, informed by a faith perspective or practice;
  • students and scholars in the social sciences with an interest in religion and spirituality;
  • practitioners in the field of spirituality and religion, including religious post holders and practising managers.

We encompass, without prejudicing any belief or none, a multitude of interests and concerns. JMSR wishes to define the field through conceptual, theoretical and empirical understandings of MSR that include: interdisciplinary and multi-methodological approaches—all spiritual and religious traditions—examining the relationship between MSR and society – critical, theological and philosophical reflections on MSR—metaphysical explanations of MSR.

The journal features regular papers (typical length 5000 – 9000 words), book reviews, special issues and dedicated sections.

The journal uses ScholarOne as its platform for manuscript submission and peer review. Ingenta is the publishing platform. It is published five times a year.

For further information about the editorial board, the editorial team and journal metrics click here.

The journal contents are accessible via an annual subscription (institutional, personal), as well as through item purchasing of an issue or an article. For further information click here.

There are no fees for submitting a publication for consideration, nor for publishing in JMSR. The journal supports an open access publishing option.

* As verified in the recent review article: Singh, R.K. and Singh, S. (2022), “Spirituality in the workplace: a systematic review”, Management Decision, Vol. 60 No. 5, pp. 1296-1325.