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The Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace hosted the 2017 IAMSR Conference in May of 2017.

Hope you enjoy and learn browsing through the sessions as much as we did putting them together for you!! However, you missed on our social program, the highlight of which was an evening at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which opened its doors especially for us.

Conference Schedule

Thursday, May 18

  • Symposium – Meditation and Mindfulness in Teaching Leadership (RCED Auditorium)
  • Symposium – Business Schools and the Inner Life: A Contradiction in Terms? (RCED 111)
  • Paper Session – Ethics, Faith and Spirituality (RCED 117)
  • Paper Session – Theological and Religious Perspectives (RCED 202)
    • Reintegrating Spirit and Matter Using Jung’s Drive Theory and Archetypes (Chappell)
    • Lessons from the Quakers: A Contemporary Approach to Multi-Stakeholder Business Practice (Burton)
    • Self-Leadership: From the Buddha’s Teaching Perspective (Pizzaro)
    • “Meet people at eye level” – The Franciscan Tradition for Business Education (Dienberg)
  • PDW – The Legacy of Andre Delbeq’s Course, “Spirituality and Business Leadership” (RCED 103) (Schindler, Winkler)

Friday, May 19

8:30AM—9:30AM – Concurrent Breakout Sessions

  • Symposium – Spirituality in Human Resources (RCED Auditorium)
  • PDW – Publishing Workshop (RCED 111) (Phillipson)
  • PDW – Maintaining Wellness and Self-Care While in Pursuit of Academia, Ministry, and a Personal Life: A Guide for Early Career Professionals (RCED 117) (Terrell, Hall)
  • PDW – Creating a Community of Scholars (RCED 202) (Harris)

9:40AM—10:40AM – Concurrent Breakout Sessions

  • Symposium – Transformative Curricula (RCED Auditorium)*
  • Symposium – Spirits Fly Under the Radar: Teaching Spirituality When Nobody is Looking—Lessons, Encouragements, Warnings (RCED 117)*
  • Symposium – Educating for Meaning Making (RCED 202)
  • PDW – Moving Out Loud: Using Somatic Movement Education to Cultivate Authenticity and Empathy (RCED 103) (Leggat—Roper)
  • PDW – The Co-Created Classroom: Developing Students Through Coaching (RCED 111) (London)
  • 10:50AM—11:40AM – Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace: My Perspective, a Keynote by John H. Tyson (RCED Auditorium)

12:00PM—1:30PM – Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Saturday, May 20

9:00AM—10:30AM – Concurrent Breakout Sessions

10:50AM—11:50AM – Concurrent Breakout Sessions

1:00PM—2:00PM – Concurrent Breakout Sessions

2:15PM—3:15PM – Concurrent Breakout Sessions

3:30PM—5:00PM – Concurrent Breakout Sessions