Miracles and Management
Lourdes, France
May 16 – 19, 2013

The third conference of Management, Spirituality and Religion, is aptly set in Lourdes.


Miracles have been present in the life, soul and dreams of mankind since time immemorial and are an essential constituent of the fabric of human societies, archaic as much as modern, religious as well as secular. Miracles are the hopes and magic of the beyond: a sign from the transcendent; the chance of winning the lottery; making an idea come true.

We as humans have always wished to rise to The Man of Lamancha’s challenge: ‘dream the impossible dream’, whether through thriving for excellence, by following transformational leaders or in daring to defy conventional wisdom.

Inspired by the venue of our third conference, Lourdes, and its message to the world, we will debate, discuss, theorize and share experiences on the theme of miracles and their relevance and presence in management and organisations over three days during Pentecost, the most spiritual of Catholic holidays.